Rioni Signature Brown Small Suitcase

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As the holidays are coming up, I decided to do a little themed post on travel necessities for all of you who are heading home or going away! Today's focus is on the must of all must haves: the suitcase.

Rioni's Signature Brown Small Suitcase is amazing. I took it with me on a trip to Taiwan last year. Even through the rain, the two fourteen hour air trips, and the banging against elevator doors, it has survived and is still in pristine condition.

Now that we know it's tough enough to go through all of that damage, let's talk about its features. It has 360 degree wheel turning capabilities, which we always know is the best. It includes two pockets on the front, straps to secure your belongings on the inside, and a pocket inside secured with a flap.

Although this suitcase is secure, tough, and stylish, it's something you can only take for a 5-7 day trip depending on how much you're going to bring. It doesn't have an expandable zipper so you would have to order a larger one for longer trips! Check out more details on the store website here.

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