Night Time Skincare Routine

6:30 PM

Good evening everyone! I'm sure all of us are glad the weekend is upon us and we get an extra day off for Veteran's Day (thank you for your service, veterans)! As the long week has winded down, it's time for us to pamper ourselves to rejuvenate and to gather our energy back to our bodies.

I'm constantly looking for a good pamper routine that will brighten, smooth, cool, and soothe my face after a busy week and I want a routine that won't take too much work or take too much time because let's face it, our long weekend is really going to be full of Netflix and chowing down on some cravings developed over the week.

Let's talk about the Annafila Face Mask. This beauteous thing has been a life saver. I must regain some moisture through this face mask. The product also has a cooling effect and makes my skin feeling so wonderful right after. You don't wipe away all the extra product once you take it off, I always find it better to just pat it in with my fingers and put on some more moisturizer. When I wake up in the morning, my skin looks and feels clean and new. Highly recommend! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Veteran's Day! Get your pamper on!

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