How to: Clean Make Up Brushes

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Make up brushes are expensive. They range from the cheap $3 to the outrageous $50 and more if you're investing in a long lasting one. Regardless, you want your favorite make up brushes to last. And the way to keep them up to par, you've got to clean them regularly.

If you leave your makeup brushes out in the open, it's probably best if you clean your brushes once or twice a week because you can get breakouts from applying your product with dirty brushes. This doesn't mean your brushes are muddy or dusty, but they can definitely catch onto bacteria floating around that can cause your skin to act up.

Some people do it probably and buy make up brush cleansers, but for the girls who just can't bother to go buy some more, we'll see how to do it with things that you could have lying around in your very own home.

Today, we've brought together some goods that will keep your brush clean, soft, and smelling good.

Our recipe requires:
1 Clean Paper Plate
2 Parts Shampoo - I used Tresemme's Smooth and Silky Shampoo (Target)
1 Part Olive Oil - I used Kirkland's Pure Olive Oil (Costco)

Simple as that! Of course, you'll need some running water to prep and rinse the brush. I mentioned that you'll be measuring in parts depending on how many brushes you're cleaning and how big the brushes are.

Step 1 - Wet your make up brush in a downwards way so the water doesn't go into the brush handle and loosen the glue that keeps the brush hairs on.

Step 2 - Using the brush, mix the recipe of shampoo and olive oil on a clean paper plate.

Step 3 - Start brushing your brush along a clean plate to move off all the excess debris. Remember, don't push straight down on the bristles because that could damage the shape and hold of your brushes.

Step 4 - Rinse, again with water running down the brush hairs.

Step 5 - Reshape your brush with a tissue.

Step 6 - Prop the brush to dry against a wall or box with the tissue under to keep it from getting dirty. You prop it up so the water doesn't run down into the brush handle and loosen all the glue that keeps your brush hairs on!

Note: Olive oil is used in this recipe to soften the brush hairs and to control stragglers while the shampoo is used to simply clean off the dirt and product that you have on it.

And voila! Your brushes are clean and you still have a wad of cash that you can save for a slice of pizza later. Let us know how your brushes turned out and if you have any better options we could try for our next post! With much love, WCETVeShop.

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