Snail Silky Pore BB Cream

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It's been awhile since I've reviewed some products! Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to find something that people use every single day and something that would better fit this time of the year. I decided to go with the Beauskin Pure Natural Snail Silky Pore BB Cream.

Okay, first things first. I absolutely love it! I think I got the wrong color... but it worked out anyway! I ended up picking up the #21 in Nude Beige (a tad bit too light). This magnificent product is a little bit thicker than I expected, but it didn't feel like it clogged my pores or felt too heavy on the skin. It kind of felt like sun protection lotion, but not stinky.

It was thick enough to only need three pea sized pumps to cover my entire face and an extra pea for my neck. Oh, did I mention it has a pump?! It allows me to accurately control how much product comes out of the bottle so I don't waste any. It comes out in a pea sized amount, which is perfect for me.

I tried using several types of tools to put on the product over the course of four days, but the best tool was my fingers because the product was so thick. The product ended up sticking to my brush and was completely soaked up by my Beauty Blender. So, my trusty hands was the final solution!

As mentioned, it's a really thick, but doesn't feel heavy. It has medium to full coverage and covers up all my redness, pores, and pimples. I've only used one layer of the product and you can see the results in the pictures below. Full coverage is easily attainable with just one more thin layer.

Recently, the weather here in Southern California has been really unpredictable and it seems to be taking a toll on my skin. So, luckily I was able to find something to cover up all the blemishes.

This product provides SPF of 30, whitens, and claims to reduce and minimize wrinkles. I've only used this product for about four days so I can't really say too much about the whitening and reducing wrinkles, but I'll keep you all updated!



With all of that said, there are some cons about this product (like all products). Of course, the number one thing was the color. The options are definitely for people with lighter skin. There are only three options #21 (nude beige), #23 (natural beige), and #25 (dark beige). I think the #25 would better fit my skin, and as you can see... I'm not even that dark to begin with. So, this is for all the caucasians and eastern asians! 

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