Make Your BB Cream Matte and Long-Wearing (ft. Snail Silky Pore BB Cream)

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Happy Sunday, everyone! In the past couple of days, I've been hearing more and more about BB Creams from some of my favorite YouTubers and beauty bloggers, but the problems that they all seem to have is the sheerness and glossiness of them. So, I thought I'd do a post giving those of you with those problems a solution. 

I know I've done a review on the Snail Silky Pore BB Cream ($28) before, but since it's still something I use on the daily I'll use it as my featured product for telling you how to build up that BB Cream without an excessive amount of product, and also I'll be show you how you can ditch that glossiness. 

For this you're going to need your favorite BB Cream, a stippling or base brush (depending on how much coverage you want), and your setting powder. 

The BB Cream
Because most of the BB Creams are from Asia, they are usually a lighter pigment and are pretty sheer/glossy. If you take a look at promotions for products with models in Asia, you can definitely see the shine on their face. And that's what they like over there! It shows a more natural, dewy, and fresh look. So, when you're going for that matte look or just trying to look flawless on camera, people seem to never pick up their BB Creams, even though they are more comfortable and have a great formulation. Now, I'm not promising you a complete matte look that will eliminate the dewy glossiness in your pictures, but I can make it easier for you on the daily. 

I chose the Snail Silky Pore BB Cream in #23 because I'm always looking to eliminate extra steps. This BB Cream includes UV protection with an SPF of 30. I love how smooth it glides onto my face and how even it makes my complexion look. It lasts about ten hours, note that I'm just going to school and work in this time. 

To apply: If you want heavier coverage, you're going to want to use a brush (I'll get into this in the next section). So, first just get a tiny pea sized amount all over your face, not spreading but just placing the product onto your face. 

The Brush
I mentioned that you would need a stippling or base brush depending on how much coverage you want. If you're okay with a dewy look and you're just checking out how to get the base of your face set, then the best bet is with the stippling. Stippling brushes are used for a more natural look. The brush's bristles are at different lengths to, for the lack of better words, dot onto your skin and not into it. It glides over rather than getting the product sinking into your pores. However, if you want the heavier coverage look, opt for a thick face brush that will really pack that product into your skin for a heavier coverage. 

I say that you shouldn't be using your fingers to blend because it'll only spread a thin layer over your face. It'll leave your face looking dewy and sheer. The red spots will shine through with just fingers. So instead, head for your face brush to pat or dot the product into your skin. Dotting will make sure the product is staying in your skin and ensures that enough product is giving you the best amount of coverage. And don't forget to brush any excess product on your neck and ears to make sure you don't look like you're wearing a face mask.

The Setting Powder
Opt for a colorless setting powder to make sure you don't get all that shine. However, if you like the glow and prefer that to highlight your cheeks, then you can skip this step. The setting powder covers the oily areas and makes sure you look amazing in pictures. I say you should use a colorless one that way it won't make your face look wonky if you happen to miss a few spots. The colorless or translucent powders are easier to manage and it'll be easy to slap on throughout the day if you think you're getting shiny (meaning no need for the compact mirror)! 

The Results
Check out the bottom images for a before and after look! The product definitely brightens up my face and adds an even tone. I always have trouble covering up my red spots on my cheeks, but this product makes sure to hide it. 

I really hope you guys enjoy this post and your week to come! Tune in next week for more beauty and fashion reviews, tips, and tutorials. With much love, the WCETVeShop Team.

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