IPKN's Artist Wave Auto Makeup Applicator

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Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you guys had a wonderful week. Today we're bringing to you a new product: IPKN New York's Artist Wave Auto Makeup Applicator. I remember when I first checked out the product, I absolutely loved the packaging. One of my favorite things about any product is how it was packaged. It just comes to show how much they were thinking about the consumers and how much work they were willing to put into one device. 

Anyway, enough about my admiration over the cute and easy to open packaging... let's talk about the actual device itself. This product claims to speed up your daily makeup routine, blend your makeup evenly, and to give you an even application. . I'll be putting up a video later this week on our YouTube channel on a more in-depth look at what the device can do after a week uses. 

What did I use and how did I use it?
Alright, first thing's first. I used one of my favorite BB Creams, the Beauskin Snail BB Cream and applied a generous amount onto the back of my hand for easy application onto the device. You simply dap your device into the glob of luxurious BB Cream and turn on the vibrating button to smooth it lightly over your skin in circular motions. 

The Good
I definitely saw a more even application. I typically use just my fingers to really allow the BB cream to set into my skin and get into all my crevices, including the nasal area. One thing that I really noticed was that it seemed to really gently go over my skin. The vibration seemed to allow a better distribution of the product as opposed to my fingers. Usually, my fingers leaves streaks that require me to keep going over and over again to smooth out. This device, however, was perfect to help me get the right amount of product all over my face. It was even gentle enough to get around my eyes and didn't irritate me at all. The vibration seemed almost like a massage.

The Bad
The only thing that seriously bothered me about this product was that it wouldn't get into the crevices on my face. I couldn't get around my nasal area, which is somewhere I always have trouble covering. I definitely have lots of red spots so I have to cover it up with some concealer, but having to do the foundation and then concealer with my fingers could be avoided. 

Check out the images below to see the beautiful, cute packaging and what the product looks like. And finally, check out what the difference is between using my fingers and using the device at the very end. 

On the right, that is with my fingers. On the left is with the device. As you can see, the left side is a lot more even and covers more of my redness on my cheeks. Tune in at the end of this week to check out how I apply the BB Cream and how to use the product for a full tutorial on the makeup applicator. I hope you guys enjoy this post and have a wonderful week! Don't forget to comment if you guys have any tips, video or blog post suggestions. With love, the WCETVeShop Team.

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