Dr. Jart - V7 VitaLaser Skin Perfecting Revitalizer

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Happy Sunday, everyone! I thought I'd take a break from the makeup and get back to the base. If you want better looking skin, you don't look for the best foundation or BB Cream, you try to combat the problem at the roots. One of my new favorite products for those trouble areas on my face is the Dr. Jart V7 Skin Perfecting Revitalizer. Its many vitamins are used to help fix those spots and brighten your face (I mean, what Asian product doesn't help you brighten your skin).

If I really want better looking skin, I have to find skincare products that work and don't make my skin act up. The better your skin looks au naturel, the less makeup you have to pile on your face. The thinner the layer of makeup, the better you could feel. So if it means adding just one more product to my skincare regimen, I will do it in a heartbeat.

The Skin Perfecting Revitalizer lightens some of my dark spots and helps even my tone. It's easy to use and feels so smooth against my skin. The product out of the tube feels almost like a face primer, but a little more lotion like then gel like. I love that it feels like a primer because I forget I even put it on. The lightweight feel is absolutely amazing and the results are better than what I would've imagined. It's only been two months since I first started using this. So in another couple of months, I'll be back with an update!

The following pictures are of the sample size! The tube on our website is much larger and worth every single penny. I really hope you guys enjoyed this short post. Feel free to comment down below to request any reviews or tutorials! With much love, the WCETVeShop team.

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