Reviving Eyeliners

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Happy Mother's Day everyone! I wish all the mothers a wonderful day and I hope it'll be filled with love. And don't worry dads, you'll get your day soon.

Today, we're going to get down and dirty into the back of our drawers. I'm talking about that pot of gel eyeliner that you love so much, but you aren't willing to give up even though it's as dry as my split ends. I just recently found one of my holy grail gel eyeliners that will forever be ranked number one. Unfortunately, it was so terribly packaged that the lid wouldn't screw completely closed. And that's probably what they do on purpose so you go back and buy another.

But don't worry ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to show you how you can get the best bang for your buck. No need to go back to the store to buy another of your favorite potted eyeliners, dip brows, or whatever you're loving. Two simple methods and you'll be on your way to getting the fierce eyes you need to get through the day.

Method Number 1: "The Toothpick"

This is one for the pots that aren't as dry as you think. All you really need to do is twist your toothpick in and out and around and about to get the product moving and mix it around to get the moisture from the middle or around the corners up to the top and mixed with the dry. You don't need to add a single drop of any product to revive that beautiful product.

I'm wary of adding any oils or water that many beauty gurus suggested simply because I'm worried that it'll mess with the formula. And also, I've got oily lids already. I don't need any additional oils that will get my eyeliner moving all over my eyelids. Nobody loves panda eyes. Especially during these what seems like summer days here in sunny Los Angeles region. Check out the images below to see what I'm talking about.

Method Number 2: "The Bath" 

All you really need for this next method is a bowl of boiled water and a zip lock bag if you want to be safe. Just add enough water to have only the bottom half of your product soaking in the hot/boiling water. Let it sit for 5 minutes and it'll really break down the dry product and bring life back into your eyeliner. If you need extra power, put your product in a zip lock bag and cover the entire product without getting any water into your packaging. 

Again, I don't want to add any other products or water because I feel like it'll easily change the formulation of your product and it'll never be the same again! If any of you have any other suggestions, just let me know in the comments below. Hope you guys enjoyed this one! 

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