The Search for the Perfect Booties

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One of the most important closet staples are the perfect pair of booties. Well, maybe that's my inner shoe addiction talking, but shoes are a statement. And because I'm a complete shoe addict, I've been through a dozen pairs of booties... Unfortunately, I still can't find the "one."

Although I love my shoes, I can't say I've loved each and every single thing about them. Some have been too tall and uncomfortable or too short and bland. Of course, when I bought the ones that I have and had, I thought they were going to be wonderful. Unfortunately, after a few uses, they couldn't step up to the plate a deliver. After a dozen disappointments, I've finally discovered exactly what I wanted... I just haven't found them yet. However, to help my beautiful readers save a few bucks and time, I've constructed a list of things to look for when you're looking for your booties:

1) How tall do you want them? As a 5'2 woman, I always want a few inches to keep me at eye level with coworkers. However, you don't want too many inches to the point that you're unable to walk properly (shout out to all the ladies who can gracefully prance around in 5" heels)!

2) What color would you want them? I'm the type of person who has everything in black. My phone case, my camera, my book marks, my Macbook cover, and my shoes are pretty much all black. If you're looking for something to slim down your look, opt for the darker shades. If your shoes are your statement piece, go wild with the designs and colors!

3) Check the weight. Before my tan booties from Target, I never thought that I would have to worry about the weight of my shoes. But boy, those booties were so heavy! I feel like I've got 2 pound weights on my feet.

4) Think about the material. This part is concerned with the weather that you have in your area. If you're in a place where it rains a lot, try to stay away from suede and leather to prevent extreme damage to those beautiful things! If your weather isn't too harsh, and you're looking for something classic, leather and suede are perfect! Again, if you're looking to switch things up, try and find booties that mix materials.

5) Support. Support. Support. The most important thing you have to love about your shoes is how comfortable they are. I always wanted to strut around in those beautiful, luxurious ankle strapped stilettos from Zara, but they are way too uncomfortable for me. If you can stand the pain, more power to you!

6) Price range. You don't need to break the bank to get the perfect shoe. After a year and a half of trying to find the right shoes, I stumbled upon these beautiful black faux suede booties with faux leather ankle strap detailing from... Forever 21! I was shocked! The price was reasonable and the reviews were raving! I had no hesitation when put it in my cart and swiped my card! These boots were the perfect height, comfortable, cute, and black.

Although, they were everything I wanted and needed, it made a heck of a ruckus wherever I walked. It's not too much of trouble in crowded places, but when it comes to walking across tile floors up to my desk at work, I feel like I'm disturbing the peace.

Readers, if you have any suggestions for the rest of us here! Please leave a comment and let us know what some of your favorite booties are and where to get them!

May your search have a happy ending... as always, with much love from the WCETVeShop team.

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