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We are all blessed with beautiful eyes, so why don't we show them off? When you first look at someone, do you look at their eyes? Or their smile? Or their hair? I remember doing a vote on this in one of my high school classes... don't worry I'm just as curious as to why this came up in a high school class. Anyway, a third of the class believed the eyes are the first thing they look at; and for some of them, the eyes tell everything about the person.

To contribute to that good first impression, let's draw some attention to those unique, beautiful eyes! You can do this by using eye shadows, eyeliners, or mascara! These days, there are a million options to cater to your makeup needs. 

After a couple years of trying to discover what makeup and what skincare works for my skin, I also found tips and styles that bring out my best features. Everyone has AT LEAST one beautiful feature about them and if it's eyes for you, bring more attention by using colors that will bring out your eye color. You can find out your best color for your eye color with this handy dandy color wheel: 

This picture was found on: www.proprofs.com
To navigate your best colors, find the color that best matches your eyes. Now the columns to your left and right of your eye color automatically draw attention, but the three columns directly across for your eye colors are complementary and bring the most out and make your eye color pop! For example, my eye color would most likely be placed in the "Orange (Secondary)" Column #1 (brown eyes). The columns directly across would be blue, a blue violet, or a blue green to bring out the best of what I got! 

Thank you for reading this post, we hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! Until Sunday and as always... with much love, the WCETVeShop team.

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