ReFa CARAT Platinum Roller

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Say hello to February! And while you're doing that, say hello to the device that will make you feel like you can jump a million miles. Today's product focus is our ReFa CARAT Platinum Roller. ReFa's Roller massages all the areas on your body that requires better circulation.

Unlike all the devices that improves circulation, it's painless, sleek, and much easier to use. The product leaves the skin feeling refreshing and rejuvenating. Good circulation is important to get your blood and nutrients flowing from your heart throughout all your limbs. This allows your skin to feel fresher and feeling beautiful. 

Because I've only been using this product for about a week or two, I've decided to interview someone who is more experienced with what this product actually does for the body... Introducing, my mother!

Q: How long have you been using this product? 
A: Two years. 

Q: What does the ReFa Roller do? 
A: I use it for three big purposes: for the face, neck/scalp, and body. 
It helps me reduce wrinkles and tightens my face and neck. It's always important to use products at my age that help reduce wrinkles. Especially in the neck, it is the first signs of aging so I'm always worrying about finding things that help me with that. On my scalp, I use it to help my blood circulation there. And the rest of my body, I just use it as a massager.

Q: How do you use it? 
A: I just rub it in quick swift motions throughout my body for a total of twenty minutes. Because the machine is so smooth, it is comfortable and easy to use. 

Q: What differences have you noticed on your face/body? 
A: It's a lot more shiny and it makes me feel and look younger. Relaxation is also one of my top priorities. 

I hope you all found this post useful! With much love, the WCETVeShop Team. Your beauty and fashion best friend, just a click away. 

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