How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

9:16 PM

Probably one of the most debated questions in my apartment. We had seen a handful of some of our favorite YouTubers talk about how often they washed and what they used and it seemed like the longer you could wait to wash your hair, the better it looked. My apartment mate was the first to put it to the test. Over the course of a couple of months, she trained her hair to last three to four days without washing. I couldn't help but put the theory to the test with my mop of a hair. And like usual, I bit off a little more than I could handle. To begin here's the details on my locks: it's thick, medium length and washed every other day.

The first attempt looked like four days without washing or using dry shampoo. At the end of the second day, my scalp was itching and by day three, my hair looked like someone just greased it for me. I tried to endure the fourth day, but didn't feel right getting into my car with black seats and feeling like I spilled some powdered sugar all over it.

The second attempt was three days, no washing or dry shampoo. This week, it happened to be a colder, more brisk weather in my area. The results was astonishingly different. My hair could last the full three days without a single itch. I started looking up more information on the health of the scalp and discovered these things:

    • The thicker your hair is, the less often it needs to be washed
    • The more you exercise or sweat, the more often
Let us know if you were able to train your hair or if those discoveries stayed true to your luscious locks. 

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