Pillow Perils: Causes of Pimple Breakouts

8:00 AM

It's hard to swallow, believe me I know! But the place where we find most of our serenity is exactly where we should be the most vigilant. Unwashed pillows snatch up all the bacteria, build up of product, and dirt over the course of the night. Imagine what it would do if you washed your sheets only about once a month? The buildup of product whether from your overnight hair products, left overs from the face mask you've done that night, or even just sweat from a night in that college apartment with no air conditioning for the sake of saving a couple of bucks for electricity.

I distinctly remembered a summer night, I noticed my roommate taking her sheets for another wash. She shared with me that especially on nights she'd wake up from a bad sweat and didn't do a wash before the next night, she'd have mounds of pimples popping left and right. Not a pretty image, but it was the truth. After washing my sheets on a more regular and scheduled basis, I found that most of my breakouts disappeared. Sure, there's always changes of hormones that dictate when those nasty little buggers appear, but if there's one thing to try, it's washing your sheets more often!

What's your secret? 

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