Protection is Key to Youthful Skin

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Happy Sunday, everyone! This week I'm going to be talking about the most hated and loved item in everyone's lives. Growing up, I never put on sunblock because of how sticky or gross I'd feel after. I think part of it was also the smell, even though I have an awful sense of smell. My mom would scold me on how many beauty marks I was getting from spending hours everyday in the sun without putting any sun block on. And like a stereotypical good mom, she was right. What she never told me was the science or really an explanation for anything. It's like when you're running out the door and your grandmother would yell at you to put your jacket on and tell you off if you didn't. She never told  you why you'd need it, but you really did need it in the end. We just let our pride kill us in times like these. 

However, here I am five to seven years later and now I know. I started noticing how dull my skin was getting, how I really did have a lot of beauty marks I didn't even know I had due to sun exposure, and how much my face really burnt when I didn't put on any protection. 

I had to keep my skin feeling healthy, fresh, and calm. And I could only do that with sunblock that had me feeling like it wasn't major work or hassle to put on sunblock. Some sunblocks made you look oily or gave you an awful white cast. So, it's time I introduced something new: The Sense of Care One Kill Sun Protection Cream with SPF 50+. Not only does it protect, it moisturizes. A two-in-one product is always necessary in my routine. Sometimes, I just can't be bothered on my way out the door. I love my extra minutes of sleep so cutting down on things I have to do between getting up and leaving the home is always welcomed. 

The One Kill Sun Protection Cream in Collagen is one for all skin types and is perfect for those of you who aren't sure which sun block to get. Our other options include: the Vitamin-Sensitive Care and the Aqua-Dry Care.

Don't put off putting sunblock because the sun can seriously damage your skin. It'll age you quicker and unprotected exposure to the sun will increase your chances of getting skin cancer. The exposure from the sun you receive builds up over time so don't wait until your late twenties to start wearing it. The quicker you start, the better chances you have at keeping your skin healthy and happy. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! I'll see you back next week. With lots of love, the WCETVeShop Team.

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