Callas The Make Up Pro Eyebrow Pencil

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Happy Sunday, everyone! It's another nice and summer-like day here in Los Angeles, I'm hoping the rest of you are getting to experience a taste of fall! That said, let's get into the goodies: a new eyebrow pencil to add to your collection. Every once in awhile, we love to go crazy with our brows. On other occasions, we're going to keep the brows on the down low to compliment dramatic lips or match with our natural look. So which is it for the Callas Make Up Pro Eyebrow Pencil?

The Callas Make Up Pro Eyebrow Pencil is perfect for the natural look. The light, but perfected touch of the product leaves your brows looking beautiful. Not to mention, it comes with the perfect spoolie brush at the other end! It comes with a refillable brow product, which you just twist on and off.

I think my favorite thing about this product is how long it can stay. It's a bit of a sticky and product so I can definitely put it on for a hot day and not worry about it smudging every which place. I've tested a 92 degree weather and no problems whatsoever. In fact, it didn't budge at all. It looked exactly the way it did when I applied it that morning.

The Eyebrow Pencil has no problem with building up. The first few strokes will give you that look of the Hourglass sculpting pencil, but without that price. You can definitely build on it with multiple strokes or pressing a little harder when you apply.

Overall, I'm really enjoying this product and it's lasting me a long time. I feel like I haven't even made a dent in the two weeks that I've had it. If you're up for trying something new with the best price and the best results, this is the one! Look no further!

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