Callas Gel Eyeliner in Pink

8:00 AM

Happy Sunday, everyone! This week, I've got something a little more special. It's a bit out there, but it just makes it that much more pleasing. Callas' Make Up Pro Gel Eyeliner has really brought out the girly girl in me. I've always wanted the pink eyeliner look and I've got it with this product. 

Pink on pink on white has always been something of a favorite pick for me. So the Callas' Make Up Pro Gel Eyeliner in Pink is right up my alley. Don't worry ladies, for all of you who are into less crazy colors, they have the options! Brown, black, they've got it! 

Now, about the product. This liner sticks to you like no other. It doesn't state to be waterproof, but trust me... it's waterproof. It took awhile to get the product off using waterproof eye makeup remover, which is really saying something. However, I do have to note that it isn't as smooth to apply as most liners. Not that you'll have to use a lot of pressure, but you'll definitely have to work the product in! 

Not to mention, the color payoff is amazing. You don't need much to get the color out. It's opaque, it's waterproof, it's beautiful. What more can you ask for? Check it out! 

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