Callas - Pore Brush

12:29 PM

Happy Sunday, everyone! This post will be about a skincare wonder. I know we've all seen about a million reviews and recommendations for tools that help with cleansing our face. And let me tell you, this is the last review you will need because this cleansing tool is beyond amazing. 

The Callas Pore Brush is a tool the size of your palm. The brush is so soft and resembles those brushes that men used to apply shaving cream on their face. I've been using this beauty for just about 2 weeks and my face has never felt more clean and soft. It exfoliates and removes dead skin without the need to use some sort of beaded cleanser. Especially now that laws are clenching down on microbeads, we need to substitute with something that works just as well, but hurts less. 

It's made my skin softer, brighter, and it's just really nice to fell on my face. It's one of those fluffy and soft things that you can't help my continuously touch. 

I really hope you found this post helpful! With much love, the WCETVeShop Team.

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