Must-Have Bold Lipsticks

8:00 AM

Happy Sunday, everyone! I was browsing the aisles at my local beauty supply store and realized that one of the biggest disappointments for any makeup loving person is not getting what you see on the bottle. It's so deceiving to buy a product not knowing what it really looks like on the inside. And like many stores, either you're not allowed to see and test the products or someone stole the testers. So, I'm bringing to you a product that won't disappoint: the Callas Bold Lipsticks.  

It's opaque, it's moisturizing, it's beautiful. I posted down below the results of one of my favorite shades, the Opera Rose. I have never felt more strongly about any product. If you love lipsticks, hate the price of high end, but love the color payoff of those luxury brands, boy have I got the solution for you. Get the product now! What are you waiting for? 

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