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Happy Sunday, beautiful people! Today's post will be on the IPKN Artist Touch CC Cream. CC Creams are absolutely essential to those of us who have some serious problems with redness. I'm pretty sure everybody thinks I'm embarrassed or hot all the time. To save time from needing to explain myself, I opt for something to cover it up. The IPKN Artist Touch CC Cream gets it done, exactly as it's supposed to. 

Unlike BB Creams, CC Creams are primarily used as color correction, not for lightening the skin. The IPKN Artist Touch CC Cream makes the slightest difference in your overall look. If you have dark spots, scars, redness, or anything of that sort, CC creams are heavenly. 

When I first applied the CC Cream, I was thinking to myself "is this not working?" Fortunately, after walking into natural light, I noticed that my redness was heavily toned down and all my darker areas of the skin disappeared. After a week or so using the product, I've learned to love the subtle changes instead of the full on coverage of my skin, I can use the CC Cream to get rid of the things I don't like too much while keeping the rest of my face natural and bare. 

The only problem with CC Creams like this is that you have to maintain it throughout the day. You have to reapply every so often. Not only because it can fade, but because it has SPF. If you're not a fan of the sunscreen smell, this CC Cream will do. But you just have to remember to reapply every so often to protect yourself! 

Oh, and not to mention, the sleek packaging is absolutely beautiful. The mirror is easily cleaned and doesn't get dirty too easily. The outside packaging is clean, simple, and beautiful. And the actual sponge and net is fluffy and gathers the perfect amount for every application. 

Your beauty and fashion best friend, just a click away.

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