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Happy Sunday, everyone! In this weeks blog post, I decided to talk about a struggle that most makeup wearing people deal with every single day: the creasing concealers. I've been trying a few ways to try and combat the problem over the past week and I think I've discovered some tips that will help you keep your face looking flawless without much work.

The problem with concealers is that they lie right on top of creases, well at least for those of us who have eye bags. Most people use concealer to cover up the darkness, but we end up with a wrinkle of a mess when we apply onto areas that dig into our skin or protrude out. And although we are able to find that holy grail concealer that cancels out the blue bags or any discoloration, they end up being a bust because it ends up creasing.

The make it or break it moment is here! Try some of these methods or try them all together to ditch that crease!

Less is More
Rather than wasting so much product that will only weigh your face down, use less to cover more. Try to use higher coverage concealers and use less of it to cover up those dark circles. The less you layer, the less it will crease. Not only use less product, try to only use it in the places that you need it. If you're experiencing the darkness throughout your under eye, don't apply it to where it isn't needed or wanted. 

Moisturize like a Mad Man
Just like the area around your nose, it's easy to start flaking and creasing if your skin is dry. Be sure to stay on routine and moisturize every time you wash your face. Skincare routines are a hassle, but the results are worth every second that you spend on that morning and night routine. If you start to notice a little creasing throughout the day, just add some of your moisturizer or face oil to revive the concealer. You want to keep it moist to make the best out of it.

Dab, Dab, Dab
Dab until it's completely blended. You want an even layer throughout your under eye. And because your eyes are a sensitive area, concealer brushes are not necessary. Your ring finger will give you a better application and a lighter touch than any brush. When I tried to use a concealer brush, it looked unfinished and not fully blended. If you want the best natural, flawless look, use your finger. The reason why you see most beauty gurus using their ring finger is because it tends to be the finger that gives the lightest touch. 

Ready? Set.
Just like all the rest of your makeup, you have to set your concealer. Adding translucent powder to your under eye will make sure your makeup won't budge throughout the day. If you moisturize your under eye area during the day to revive the concealer, don't forget to set it. Set with a brush for even application.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to leave them down below. With much love, the WCETVeShop Team. 

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