Rioni's Signature Brown Shoulder Fender

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Happy Sunday everyone! It's been awhile since I last did a fashion post so I thought I'd break up all the beauty and health posts with this one about something us girls (and maybe guys) have with us every single day. 

I always have trouble finding the perfect sized bag. Either they're too small or too big. I love having everything with me, but in a compact way. The bigger bags that I own are far too big and get in the way of my everyday activities. However, with the Rioni Shoulder Fender (click here to view on site), I get everything I want with me without the hassle. And not to mention, it's durable and works with all my outfits. 

If you are like me and pretty much bang all my belongings around, you're going to need something that is durable and doesn't scratch easily. I love that the Rioni Shoulder Fender doesn't scratch when I accidentally swing it against a corner of the table before I run out the door. And it doesn't wear easily either. My mother uses this bag everyday and it's been nearly a year or year in a half since she first got this beauty. 

Not one scratch and doesn't look worn at all. She can fit her wallet, phone, phonebook (yes she still uses a phonebook) and a small notebook. It all fits into this tiny bag! I was so surprised when we decided to switch bags. 

With brown bags, you can match it with anything you wear. I think brown is the new black, but with a bit of color that works for the Spring and Summer seasons. During this time of the year, I wear things more colorful and light so having a brown bag doesn't harsh out your outfit and even lightens your outfit. 

The only thing about the bag is that I can't fit my iPad, which I need with me. I have my schedules, reminders, books, you name it on my iPad so I have to have it with me at all times. So if you have a notebook, tablet, or agenda around that same size, this bag isn't for you. Otherwise, this bag is magic and everything I need. 

It has a front pocket for easy access to your phone and a zippered area on the inside to hide your ID, credit cards, and cash if you don't really need to carry a wallet around with you.  

I really hope you guys enjoy this post and find it helpful for finding the perfect bag for the Spring and Summer. Just leave a comment if you have any questions or just want to chat! 

I hope you have a wonderful week and found this post helpful! See you guys back next week!

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