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Happy Saturday everyone! Today's product review is one of the most luxurious products that we have on our site at the moment. For all of you lucky ones heading to Coachella, this is something you have to bring for the best look. Although the outfits is one of the most important things to think about when you head to your Coachella weekend, your outfit is nothing without the perfect hair. 

The Instyler Rotating Curler (click here for more information) automatically curls your hair without all the fuss that other curlers make you go through. It's made up of tourmaline ceramic making your hair shine and softer. I know, a heat appliance making your hair shine and soft? But I'm telling you it works like a charm. I've dyed my hair, had it go through heat, rain, and whatever else you can think of. So as you might imagine, it's not looking too good. But with the Instyler, my hair is looking amazing on the days that I decide to give it the attention it deserves. 

With most curlers, you can pretty much only go just curly, but with the rotating curler, you can make it as wavy or as curly as you want and all of it is in your control. Here's how I made my hair look like a messy wave: 

1) Spray your hair lightly with a heat protectant on the ends (never on your scalp)! Let it set for 10 minutes to let it sink into your hair for the best results. You can have your Instyler plugged in for heating during this time (it has 3 heat settings, low/medium/high). 
2) Once the heat protectant has set in, wrap 1-2 inch sections of your hair onto the ceramic roller on low heat (you don't have to have your ends completely wrapped around).
3) Clench the Instyler and let it rotate your hair and slowly pull it away from your face.
4) Repeat throughout your hair

For more curly results, turn on up the heat and leave your hair on the Instyler for longer. 

So, here's the run down on what I think about the Instyler: 

Pros: Leaves my hair looking shiny and soft, curls my hair without weird creasing you get from other curlers, rotates your hair for a more natural look, has bristles that makes your hair look voluminous, automatic safety shut-off, reduces static and frizz, heats up quickly.

Cons: Careful with your fingers, doesn't have a stand to keep the heated ceramic roller off surfaces

As you can probably tell, I don't have many bad things to say about this product. I absolutely love the way my hair turned out and I could always change how wavy or curly I want it. Worth every penny! Check it out on our website on

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and helped you decide on whether or not to purchase. With much love, the WCETVeShop Team.

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