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Happy Spring everyone! We're excited to announce that we're adding tons of new products to our shop. They will all be available this Friday! While we were looking at new products to add to our shop, we always test to see if they work well and make sure they are up to our quality standards. 

Today's product focus meets those quality standards and more. I think one of the hardest thing to accomplish for avid beauty and fashion enthusiasts is the perfect hair or hairstyle. We all want hair like Claire Marshall from heyclaire on YouTube and her blog, but it takes time to achieve. With this hair curler, we can skip a few steps and get exactly what we're looking for. 

I've always put my hair on the side lines, but after looking through some old photographs, I think I need to step up my game. The Pro LCD Hair Curler does just that for me (click over here to buy and see today). 

Let's be honest, new contraptions like these are hard to get to understand at first, but once you've got it down it works like magic. Initially, it was difficult to figure out which way to face up to properly curl my hair. In the picture below, the side with the buttons and the screen is what faces up. You simply put the hair into the slit, clench the curler and it'll curl on its own. You can decide how much of your hair is curled. I love to have the top of my hair kept flat and straight and let the ends be curled, so I put only half of my hair into the curler and it'll curl on its own. 

This product is perfect because you'll never burn your fingers or your scalp. It controls how far to go and it won't leave any weird straight ends like some curlers do. There isn't any ugly area where you can tell where they started the curling either! 

Also, the buttons let you control how hot you want the iron to be and to control which way you want your hair curled (curled to the left or to the right). You never have to be confused about which way to twirl your hair anymore! 

This is by far one of my favorite tools because of how easy it makes the curling process. It's stress free and I'll never have burned fingertips or ears again. 

Here's a recap of what I love and don't love about this product: 

Pros: Control how hot, control which way to curl, control how much to curl without any weird lines in the hair, and it heats up quickly. 

Cons: It takes practice to master, a little bulky so not ideal for travel. 

Overall, I would have to give this product four stars. If you want more information on the product, just feel free to comment below!

With much love and appreciation, the WCETVeShop team. Love you lots!

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