Death by Cotton Swabs

5:53 PM

Okay, the title is a little menacing, but if your sense of hearing is important to you, then listen up! Everybody knows that a little ear cleaning doesn't hurt, but it doesn't hurt only if you're using a wet wash cloth to clean the outside of your ear. Putting anything into the inner part of your ear could result in hearing loss and the best thing you can do is just use your finger and a wet towel to clean up any visible wax.

The hearing loss is a result of damaging your ear drum, which can be easily reached, touched, and damaged with a cotton swab or anything else that you use for your inner ear needs. I know it's tempting and the feeling of accomplishment from getting those suckers out is amazing, but it's going to mean nothing if you damage the eardrum!

If you're someone who has a lot of wax build up in the back side of your ear, please see a doctor to help you clean it out in the best way possible. The earwax or whatever is in your ear will naturally fall out over time. If you would like a more professional opinion, visit your doctors office for more information. We hope you are all staying healthy! With much love, the WCETVeShop Team.

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