Toners: What, When, and How

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Toners are essential to everyday use. When we wash our face, we strip off all our natural oils and nutrients that are necessary to keep the skin looking good and feeling good. It was not until recent years that I have discovered what a difference toners can make.

Like our hair, when we wash and exfoliate our bodies, we strip off all the good oils and nutrients that keep our face and hair nice and in good condition. If we don't put back all the nutrients needed, our skin situation just gets a little bit worse each time. So, the solution is simple: toners! It's absolutely necessary.

The next important part of using toners is when to use it. It's obvious that we have to use it after we wash our face, but I was wondering if it would make a difference if we do it before or after moisturizer. If you're like me, you do the thinnest layer on first of whatever you put on your face. So, I decided that toners comes before moisturizers. I'm still testing, which would be better, but if you know which definitely is right, please leave a comment below!

Now, on how to use it. Typically, toners come in an open top bottle. This means, more costs on cotton pads! Knowing that I don't want to continuously make a toxic, but ecstasy-filled trip to my local Target, I discovered a better way to apply. The best way to apply is through using a travel-sized (or whatever sized) spray top bottle to get an even layer across the entire face and you can set it in by gently patting the product into your face.

This way of applying toner makes sure you get it all over your face and for a good price (psst, its also good for the environment). Until next time and with much love, WCETVeShop.

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