Rioni Signature Black - Checkbook Wallet

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Rioni Checkbook Wallet
Happy Tuesday, everyone! We've decided to take a turn and look at some of our fashion favorites from our site. And one of the most essential things we sometimes take for granted is our wallets. It's something we take on the go everywhere and in some ways, it defines us. For the simple gals and guys, it could be a simple zipped pouch or a card slip to stuff everything in. The one we're focusing on today is made for the people who love to take everything like a little home in the purse.

Before we get into the review of the product, let's rewind and see what the brand is all about. Rioni is an Italian brand that is "trademarked and registered" and is at the highest quality. Each and every product is incredibly well made by hand to perfection (that's crazy!) and has it's own signature look that stands out on it's own.

Back to the goodie! This checkbook wallet can fit everything you could possibly need - well, basically what you'd have in a sophisticated piggy bank. The best part about this item is that you can fit so much, but it's still thin. This wallet comes in Rioni's signature black color on our website that is absolutely classic. I typically take this on the go whenever I know I'll need to be looking a step up from casual, but not too try hard. However, it can also become something that transitions from day to night for a more fancy look.

The wallet has a total of twelve card slots and two folds for cash. The checkbook itself is a simple two fold cover for your checkbook and is easy to slip in and out throughout the day. If I'm feeling a little more simple and want to make things easy to take on the go, I simply place my ID, a little bit of cash, and a credit card into the checkbook cover for a thinner option. The metal details are gold and help add a little bit of color and contrast to the black wallet.

The features of this wallet are displayed in the following pictures:
Two Button Clasp
6 Card Slots in Middle

Zip Back with Gold Detailing
6 Card Slots on Bottom
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