Rioni - Signature Natural Cosmetic Bag

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Cosmetic Bag ft. Rioni Signature (natural) Cosmetic Bag
Happy Monday everyone! I just recently went on a retreat to Palm Springs and I thought I'd do a small post on my Rioni signature (natural) cosmetic bag, available on our online store!

Rioni Natural Monogram with Zipper and Wristlet
Monogram with Brown Trimming
Here's the rundown:

It fits everything perfectly and has so much extra room for much more. The color of this bag is definitely something that I enjoy and find classic. It's so well made and to think that all of this is handmade is perfection.

To be quite honest, I used to just pack everything into plastic bags to keep things from spilling and just to keep things simple. However, after years of mastering finding the perfect containers for my shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, I was able to enjoy the luxury of using a proper cosmetics bag.

Not to mention, this bag was overall practical and easy to pack into my suitcase. Because it is such warm weather in Palm Springs (I shocking 106 degrees F), I only took thin clothes and could fit a million other things in. I actually didn't even need a suitcase because I had so little, which makes sense since it was only a three day weekend.

Let me know what your favorite products are and come back in a few days for what clothing I packed featuring Rioni's Signature (brown) - Small Luggage Bag.

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