Dr. Jart - Rejuvenating Beauty Balm SPF 35

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Dr. Jart's Rejuvenating Beauty Balm SPF 35
Hello beauty and fashion best friends. We've started our first test with the one and only Dr. Jart Silver Label Rejuvenating Beauty Balm with SPF 35 (check out all the details on the product here). One of our team's testers has the need-to-knows about this product:

Hi everyone! My name is Carnie and I know everyone skips all the long paragraphs and the rambles so I'll make it easy for you and get straight to the point! 

This foundation is definitely lightweight and light to medium coverage. I have a lot of beauty marks and redness (found around the nose and mouth), but I hate having the feeling of heavy foundations that have lots of coverage. So the Rejuvenating Beauty Balm was the perfect fit. Though the cream covers redness, it does not cover beauty marks which I will show in inserted pictures. 

For reference, if you can't tell by the pictures, I have medium skin color and pinkish undertones. And the first thing I noticed the second I put the product on was that it's definitely for lighter skin. I left my neck untouched to show you a bit of how big of a difference there is between my natural skin color and the product. Although I love looking lighter, it may come off unnatural for me. 


I also tested out what was the best way to apply the product and the best was using hands and fingers to rub to let it set in and look more natural. I first tried applying with an Elf Stippling Brush, but it turned out a bit streaked and definitely unnatural. Next was just a normal foundation brush, but it just wouldn't do the trick. So the best is to use your fingers to rub in. Use circular motions for the best results. In this test, I used only one layer, but it is definitely build able for higher coverage if you need it. 
Overall, I have to say this is one of my favorite beauty balms. I've tried tons of drugstore brand beauty balms, but they never have a formula that is lightweight and as moisturizing as this one. It's easy to apply and feels like I have nothing on, but looks like I've got a fresh face. However, as I mentioned, this doesn't cover all my black beauty marks. It's also only for everyday and casual wear. I don't think you could take this to the next level and wear it for special occasions especially because it has SPF. 

In fact, foundations and beauty balms that include SPF have sun protection ingredients that help reflect light from your face, which will end up making you look washed out (here's a link that will help explain a little more about the effects of SPF in pictures).

Your beauty and fashion best friend, just a click away.

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