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I think it's safe to say... WE'RE IN LOVE. Peachbrain caught our eye in a search for the next big thing in the beauty and fashion industry. While scouring and taking advantage of the "explore" tab on Instagram, we came across a gem. Let's dig into who and what Peachbrain is with Victoria Park. 

1. Describe the Peachbrain fashion and team. 
Peachbrain is an online clothing brand designed for women who love quirky and eccentric styles inspired by runway fashion. It is important that our styles are wearable and versatile--that you can wear them to shop for groceries and to chic and fashion-forward events like Coachella. We understand it's not that some women refuse to dress down--they just can't. They like to be at the top of their game all the time. Peachbrain caters to these women who want to look their best at every occasion, no matter how trivial or mundane. We strive to make our garments last while being affordable--we believe that one should not have to compromise quality to get the best prices. 

Our team is composed of a group of friends from Southern California. We love the sun, burritos, and the beach. We all came from different industries, but learned to contribute our own respective strengths to Peachbrain by taking what we've learned in our past and applying them to the brand. It's really interesting to see how each person's creative energies morph the brand into what it is today. I myself feel really thankful to be working with people that I can have fun with but respect at the same time. 

2. Where does the name Peachbrain come from?
A few years back when I was working corporate and still brainstorming for my business, I had been so tired from balancing the two things I kept thinking to my self that my brain felt mushy like peaches. During this time the colors that really popped out at me were different shades of pink. Was pink a particularly favorite color of mine? Not really--I had always been attracted to the cooler palettes like blues and greys. However after this episode I really became enamored by the color and decided to base my first collection off of this weird episode and made tribute to it by calling my brand "Peachbrain".

3. What is your favorite thing about Korean street style?
What really stands out to me about Korean street style is that it really brings vintage and retro styles nonchalantly back into our current time without making much of an effort. For example, there is a fad occurring now where Korean girls are wearing those huge "USA" dad sweaters paired with pleated skirts. "Champion" socks that you usually see basketball players are also seen often by high school girls matched with high-waisted denim shorts and motorcycle jackets. I grew up seeing that kind of wear on high school football players--so the juxtaposition is a bit intriguing. It's so effortless and a bit endearing to see--especially if you grew up in the 90's.  

4. Any predictions for fashion trends this coming season/year?
Currently there's been this surge in flare sleeves everything--blouses, shirts, dresses--which is good for us because we have so many of those styles at Peachbrain, haha. But I imagine this year is going to end in open collar tops and tennis skirts? It's always difficult to predict these things because it's like everything is the trendy and not at the same time. 

5. Where do you see Peachbrain in 5 years
In 5 years we see Peachbrain as a global brand, with a physical store somewhere in LA--preferably in Little Tokyo because I love that area! We want to saturate the global market with fashion as well lifestyle items that people can really associate with our brand. We are really aiming our brand to be a lifestyle rather than just some items in your closet, so we hope to expand our site with more items other than clothing. Our aim is that people would easily identify Peachbrain products because of its ingenuity and strong brand identity.

6. You are forced to wear one type of clothing for rest of your life, what would it be? (skirts, dresses, jeans, etc.) 

I really love oversized jackets with short skirts. There's a sort of authority that comes from wearing something so big and pairing it with something as vulnerable as a short skirt. It's a constant declaration of "I can wear anything I want". I think that it's really important for women to have this kind of empowerment in a society that subconsciously subdues feminine power. At the same time there is play and fun in seduction, so it would never be to suppress the other gender. It would be to have fun with it, to respect each other, and always be a Peachbrain...whatever that means. 

So, what are you waiting for?!

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