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Jeans are a huge part of my life. Now, it wasn't always like that. Or at least I didn't think it was. After reading a book called Blue Jeans: The Art of the Ordinary by Daniel Miller and Sophie Woodward, I was able to fully comprehend the significance of them. It inspired me to start the series "The Thread," which will put a magnifying glass on a single piece of fabric once a month.

This month, our fabric topic will be jeans. As Miller and Woodward states, jeans are a significant piece of clothing in people's closets at some point in their lives. My initial thoughts on them? They are the staple. Take a tour of my tiny closet and notice that the entire bottom row of hangers are full of them. Sometimes, I dream of having British Vogue editor Sarah Harris's blue jeans collection. But let's be real.

Going back to the history of symbol of jeans, they were thought of as an object of Americanization. Being that it originated in America, people thought of it as a rebel thing to wear and made it different. Over time, it changed its symbolism based on the style. For example, skinny jeans were the scandalous. In time, semiotics of jeans are diminishing, as society changes. It's becoming the ordinary, but it becomes greater than that based on how the individual wears and where they wear it.

In my early years, I was dolled up in frilly dresses and tops. My mom was my fashion heroine and she really did does know how to dress with the time and age. So growing up, I never really thought of jeans as a special thing. It wasn't until I started reading up on blogs, much like the one I'm contributing to, that I realized how special they really can be. They can be the most comfortable thing and they put an edge to otherwise boring outfit. Now, that's not what a lot of people can immediately see mainly because jeans are thought of as the foreground or the most restricting thing they've ever encountered. But overtime, jeans begin to mold and become something really special to you.

It really is an amazing moment when you've been searching for months, years, or if you're lucky just a couple of days to find a perfect pair that fits your legs and your curves. They make a person individualistic, to those who really make it work, but make us part of the world. Jeans are a common thing between all of us, whether you like them or not. They give us this sense of belonging and is in fact, global.

And which are my perfect pair of jeans? Well, to be honest... I'm still on the hunt. What's yours?

With love, Carnie.

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