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Happy Tuesday everyone! We're so excited to start another new segment: Beauty Forecaster. We're tackling the top beauty influencers of YouTube and asking them to predict what the next big things are for the beauty industry. This week, we're collaborating with Morgan from The Beauty Breakdown. As one of our favorite personalities on the net, we're so happy to kick off Beauty Forecaster with a BANG!

Tell us a little bit about yourself
My name is Morgan and I run the youtube channel, The Beauty Breakdown, as well as the associated website. I have always been passionate about beauty and was constantly researching new trends and products. Naturally, I felt that I could share my knowledge and experience testing so many different beauty products so that's where The Beauty Breakdown comes in. It's truly something that I love to do and am constantly thinking about. Because of this, my hobbies are related to this so I love writing about products, traveling, tutorials and reviews. I also love video editing, photography, playing the guitar, and of course, reading a good novel. On top of all that, I also make a point to find time to hang out with my friends and family because they're amazing people!

Where do you see the future of beauty in 2016? And who's going to run the show?
Honestly, I might be a little biased, my K-beauty is constantly growing, becoming more popular and is really mainstream nowadays. In the beauty industry, Asian beauty in general is usually 10 years ahead of western brands in terms of innovation and I'm really seeing this more and more. I can easily see that K-beauty specifically is becoming more prevalent and truly setting the standard in the beauty industry. 

Where do you get your beauty inspiration? 
I get my beauty inspiration from everywhere! I love taking pieces from different cultures, what's trending all over the world, and entertainment influences as my inspiration for beauty in general. 

Your house is on fire (knock on wood), you're only allowed one collection to take with you. Which is it?
I would take my skincare collection! Does that count? haha. I'm a positive thinker so if I were to lose makeup or skincare products in a fire, I would take it as an opportunity to go outside my comfort zone and try new products. 

What is your SS16 Beauty Forecast?
For spring and summer 2016, I think cushions are going to become even more popular. They're excellent for the warmer months and tend to apply a lot lighter than your typical foundation!

Photo By: The Beauty Breakdown

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